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Building Accountability in the Workplace

Imagine this. You’ve been hiking a trail for hours and then come upon a steep incline and a log laying across the path. Instead of...

A Strategy to Being a Bomb Leader

What words come to mind when you think of a successful leader? Take a moment to think about this. Did the word "engaged" come to mind? If...

Ten Year Goals Are Screwing Up Your Business

Ah yes, goal setting. Good ole’ goal setting. We are all told to do it and to do it SMART. Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE goals, and we LOVE...

Are You Getting “Out-Relationshipped”?

The hard truth about time is that you can’t spend it and then go earn more of it. There’s nowhere to buy it, rent it, or even borrow it....

Free Trees

Yes, the growth was slow. There were times in which we didn’t think they’d make it. But with the right soil…strength is found.

Erik the Roofer

The world will get the best us when we figure out what strengths we have – and then we use those to glorify God.

Do Emotions Make You Feel Alive?

I used to be an uber-emotional kid growing up... but I came to a point in my life where my tears were all dried up.

The Microwave

I’m fascinated by my microwave. I can put a package filled with kernels of corn into the microwave and within 4 minutes I have a treat!

My Old TV

I’m not saying that having a nicer tv means that things are better. I’m saying that where I am today is not where I was yesterday.

The Big Question

For as long as I can remember, one of the biggest questions in my life has been...

Innocent Bystanders

I did nothing. I stood, watching. So did everybody else. We were innocent bystanders. But I didn’t feel so innocent.

Kids Are Dumb

And in that time, I learned that kids are totally dumb.

Jesus Had it Easy

OK, Jesus didn’t – by any means – have it easy. BUT – I think it’s easier to be Jesus than it is to be God. Let me explain.

Walking Off the Bed

I wonder if God feels this way. I wonder if He watches us “walk off the bed” – knowing we’ll crash and hurt ourselves in the process.

Is Prayer Enough?

We need to trust that prayer is not only our way to connect with God, but God’s way to connect us to the world. Prayer is certainly about ta

Are You in the Audience?

Maybe – just maybe – we aren’t meant to just be in the audience. Maybe we are meant to be in the game.


The only one to blame is myself. My faith has become comfortable. And to be honest, I don’t like it.

Slow Motion

I once heard that if you think that time flies...then you've never been on a treadmill for the last minute of your workout.


I have blurred the line many times in my life – boasting all too often when humility should be the approach.

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