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  • Erik Hatch

Ten Year Goals Are Screwing Up Your Business

Ah yes, goal setting. Good ole’ goal setting.

We are all told to do it and to do it SMART.

Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE goals, and we LOVE reaching them! But what are the right goals to set, and how set on them should we be?

The difficult part about goal setting is the fact that the future can’t be predicted.

Setting goals can sometimes go through phases. First, you are excited and determined to accomplish it, and then you begin to feel defeated and disappointed over time.

Why does this happen?

Because you created perfect illusions about the future, and now unperfect reality is crashing them down.

Here’s the thing.

A 10-year goal is a very valuable thing.

It’s important to know where you are going and where you would like to be, but what is even more important is to expect roadblocks and detours along the way.

Because perfection is nonexistent.

If you keep waiting for perfection, you will always be disappointed.

Yes, it’s important to have determination.

It’s important to have a plan.

It’s important to have 10-year goals.

But always keep in mind that where you want to go in 10 years will most likely change.

Why is this?

Because the environment around you is constantly changing.

So how should you set your goals?

You should set them, knowing that having a destination is good, but working on who you need to be is better.

Ask yourself… “Who do I need to be?” Instead of “Where do I need to go?”

Focusing on who needs to be is crucial because you can easily adjust to the environment around you. In contrast, a goal that is set for 10 years in the future isn’t as easily adjustable.

Everyone has a destiny.

Focusing too much on getting to a destination can overshadow who you are and where you are truly supposed to be.

You have natural gifts and talents that are destined to be used in ways you can’t even imagine.

They are meant to amplify your life.

So yes, set that goal. But also be open to where you’re destined to go, rather than where you’re determined to get to.

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