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Someone to Believe in Me

All I needed was someone to believe in me.

It was 2010, and I was juggling 2 careers which I loved. My full time gig was working as a youth minister. I adored working with kids and making an impact…but financially I wasn’t able to provide for my family like I needed to. And my other job as a part time Realtor had me working lots of nights and weekends, but was financially beneficial. I was falling more in love with real estate on a daily basis – as I was learning it was, at the core, the same job as ministry (helping people and making an impact).

Needless to say I was spread too thin and was completely torn on what to do. That is, until that summer’s day.

I was at a real estate event when my phone rang. On the line was a gentleman named Doug. He said, “Erik – you don’t know me but I know you. I want to buy a condo.” And it should be noted that calls like this in the real estate world rarely happen – and when they do, skepticism runs rampant because talk can be cheap.

So I said, “Ok Doug – when do you want to see the condo?” His response? Well – it was priceless. “Young man, you didn’t listen. I didn’t say I wanted to look at a condo. I said I wanted to BUY a condo!” They knew what they wanted (the condo belonged to a friend of theirs) and they knew they wanted me to help them get it.

Rewind just a little here. Doug and his wife Sally are grandparents of a young woman that I coached in basketball for 2 years (as a volunteer). They were thankful for my service to her and her classmates – and so they wanted to ‘do me a solid’ by using me as their Realtor. And they also had a beautiful home to sell, too!

It was the boost I was looking for. As I felt a bit stuck with what to do professionally…this proved to be the catalyst that I needed to make a change. If someone like Doug could believe in me – certainly others would as well. You see – Doug had been a prominent businessman in the community for decades and he put his trust in a young, part time schmuck. And all I needed was for someone to really believe in me. Doug and Sally gave me that gift!

Fast forward to yesterday. We had a sort-of grand opening for Hatch Realty’s new office in conjunction with our annual Thanksgiving pie-day giveaway (we gave out over 500 pies to past clients and friends). I was in another room when he arrived, and Doug told one of my team members to find me. He said, “Tell Erik that the guy responsible for all this is here.” (I love Doug’s sense of humor! We’ve had lots of great conversations about them being the catalyst for all this).

I got to show Doug around a bit. I got to introduce him to some of the 24 people that call Hatch Realty their work home – and it all happened because Doug believed in me. This wonderful couple has impacted more lives than they know!

Doug asked where his office was – and when he gets his key. I’m fearful that sharing this story will give him the gumption to come and take my office! The truth is can take it at any time!

Thank you, Doug and Sally – for believing in a hot mess like me. I pray we all have the strength to make an impact on someone’s life the way you’ve impacted mine.

Erik Hatch

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