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  • Erik Hatch

Jesus Had it Easy

OK, Jesus didn’t – by any means – have it easy. BUT – I think it’s easier to be Jesus than it is to be God.

Let me explain.

I’m the type of person (and most people are this way) that are often times quick to help – to lend a helping hand – and to make a difference when possible. Sacrificing ourselves for someone else is, often times, an easy and natural part of our lives. If your neighbor needed help with something for an hour, there’s a good chance you’d make it a priority to help out (even though you are busy). We often go out of our way to lend a hand because it’s the ‘right’ thing to do.

And so I think back to the life of Jesus. As he was fully MAN, he sacrificed himself so that the rest of us could have eternal life. Pretty epic, eh? Jesus died so that we could live. What a gift He gave us!

There are heroic stories told of soldiers – fire fighters – police officers – and everyday folks who sacrifice their lives so that others can live. It’s beautiful, really – and it’s living like Christ lived. There’s nothing more fabulous.

But would you sacrifice your child? Would you sacrifice your spouse? Would you sacrifice your best friend? I’ve been chewing on that thought a lot recently. While I think I could step up to lay down my life so that others may live (I’m not volunteering by the way – but if push came to shove, I think I would) – I don’t think I could sacrifice my wife or my child (God willing) or my best friend. 

God sacrificed the person that was closest to Him. I can’t imagine how immensely difficult that must’ve been. Leaving your loved one to die…uggg, that’s a pain I hope I never have to experience.

If you knew that others could be saved because of your suffering and death – would you volunteer to go through with it? If we’re honest – I bet a good amount of us would step up to the plate. That thought alone gives me hope in the future.

If you knew that others could be saved if you sacrificed your child – would you do it? I’m not asking or telling you to do so. But that is a harder pill to swallow, isn’t it?

It gives John 3:16 a whole new meaning. “For God SO LOVED the world that He gave His ONE and ONLY Son, so that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

Whether it be Jesus – or God – or both…our calling is bold. And our calling compels us to act because we love and because we are loved.

I wonder what my legacy of sacrifice will be. For Erik so loved the world that he ________________. For Erik so loved God that he ___________________.

For we so loved the world that we loved the least of these. For we so loved God that we gave until it hurt. For we so loved Jesus that we gave of our abundance so that others could be blessed.

That’s a good place to start.

Erik Hatch

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