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  • Erik Hatch

My Old TV

Growing up, my family wasn’t ‘well off.’ We lived in a 2 bedroom apartment and my sister (bless her heart) had to share a bedroom with either her annoying brother (yours truly) or our mom. We played outside when we could – and the best days were when someone in our apartment building would throw away an old mattress. I remember always dragging it to our backyard space where we would play – wrestle – and lay on it for hours with our neighbor friends. Looking back, I’m thankful that my mom was wise enough to make sure we had all our shots.

When we weren’t playing outside, tv was the thing we always used to pass the time.

However, our tv was on its last leg in a number of ways. Specifically, we would have to turn it off – and on – and off – and on – for 10-15 minutes until it would actually stay on. We’d hold the power button for a count of 10, followed by the off button, followed by the on button again – until we had the magical picture tube sitting aglow for us. Sure, the picture was dulled from the wasted hours sat in front of it…and the picture was a bit fuzzy because our rabbit ears didn’t have quite enough tinfoil…but it was all we had.

I now sit on my couch as I type this – with a crystal clear 40” tv just a few feet away. I have a remote control. I have access to literally hundreds of channels with the simple click on the remote. Heck, even the laptop I type on has access to more movies and tv shows that I could ever watch in my lifetime.

I’m overwhelmed with how far I’ve come.

No, I’m not saying that having a nicer tv means that things are better. I’m saying that where I am today is not where I was yesterday.

Growing up, I was a fragile little kid. I was overly sensitive. I was deeply insecure. I didn’t come from money or a traditional family setting. I didn’t go to the best schools, and I didn’t have the most chances in life. Maybe you’re the same way…

But God, in all his goodness and faithfulness, has brought me this far. I have an amazing wife – a fantastic career – superb friends – a great family – and THE BEST IS YET TO COME.

I find myself worried all the time that things aren’t going to work out or go my way. And the heartache that’s been a part of my journey feels like – at times – it’s enough to slay a dragon. I know I’m not the only one with trials and tribulations that feel crushing and utterly defeating.

But look at how far we’ve come.

Things don’t always go our way, but things always work out for the glory of God. Seriously…when have things not worked out? You wouldn’t be reading this unless you have gotten through every trial and challenge in your life up to this point. Sure, the results may not be what you wanted. But you’ve pulled through!

So if you’ve overcome obstacles and hardships; you’re stronger because of it. You have the ability and audacity to change your today and tomorrow. God has given you the strength, determination, and abilities to change your stars.

And when you do you can look back and say, “Look at how far I’ve come.”

Don’t lose sight of what once was. Remembering where you were will help keep you on the path to where you’re going.

Erik Hatch

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