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That Woman...

There’s a woman that I work with. We’ve worked together in one capacity or another for over 3 years. And we’re kinda complete opposites.

Don’t get me wrong – we’re like-minded in our values, our faith, our passion for real estate, etc. But the line is drawn there.

I’m outgoing. She’s introverted. I’m big picture. She’s got her nose in the details. I love staying up late. She is in bed after dinner (at least I assume). Needless to say – we’re opposites.

I would say that she and I both have our stressful moments. And it’s the complete opposite things that seem to stress us out. But when I see her stressed, I know that it’s my job to try and calm her down. We talk through things – we talk about how God is going to be there – and we talk about how we can make a difference (although we can’t change other people…we can change ourselves and our attitudes).

Rare do I get really shaken – but there have been two instances over the last year that have left me completely shell-shocked. One happened almost 10 months ago – and the other happened this morning.

I came into the office – and we were the first two people there. I sought her out immediately, and I guess I expected her to be rattled like me. I was teary eyed – with a lump in my throat – and I definitely was wearing my pessimism pants (they were blue). When I approached her, I didn’t see a woman who looked scared. I saw a woman who was beaming with strength.

My great co-worker helped talk me through some big ol’ scary stuff. She was my strength when I was weak. I know I’m the same for her at different moments also. She quickly reminded me of how God was never going to let us go and that He knew this was going to happen all along. She had such a calming presence that left me feeling like everything was going to be ok (even though chaos was ensuing from many directions).

That woman was Christ to me today. When I went looking for someone to have a pity party with me, I instead found a quiet, still voice – which reminded me that we’d get through this. God hadn’t let us down yet – so I doubt He would start now.

That woman embodied the Holy Spirit for me this morning. When there’s a fire – two types of people emerge. Those that run from it and those that run to it. I’m thankful that she was a firefighter in my life this morning – a true servant.

Who in your life needs “that woman” today? How can you be Christ in someone’s life right now? The hurt and pain from the crud of this life don’t dissipate easily. Be a hero in someone’s life – and that often comes just by doing the little things. Give a hug. Pray with someone. Send them a hand-written note. Make an out of the blue phone call. Do a random pop-by. You never know when someone’s world is falling apart…

Erik Hatch

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