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I use the phrase miracle quite often. It often times get put in the same category as words like “amazing” and “awesome.” Let me explain…

To find something that’s awesome – or worthy of our awe – it needs to be hands down, unabashedly incredible. And yet I hear people describe the bagel they just ate – or the latest episode of Modern Family as “awesome.” It loses its impact.

The word love is the same way. I love pizza rolls – but I also love my wife. It carries different weight and yet we use the same word.

And so I go back to the word miracle – which can be often overused. This, however, is the exact word I’m looking for – MIRACLE!

Two weeks ago I got a text message from my friend Lindsay. Just days prior, her husband Patrick had been admitted to the hospital with some issues with his lungs – and there have been issues with his kidneys, too (he had been given a kidney from his brother in 2007). And when Lindsay texted me, she asked if I’d come down to the ICU to pray for Patrick – as things looked bleak.

I rushed down immediately to find a room full of tears, fears, and doubt. Hope had left the building – and I was the one that Lindsey asked to come and pray. I was both humbled and intimidated greatly by this request.

So we gathered around Patrick – connected to medical devices that are keeping him alive. I grabbed his hand (it was surprisingly warm which assured me that he had some life left in him) and prayed. I have never prayed for a miracle so hard in my life. This young man has a wonderful wife – a 1 year old son – and so much ahead of him. My eyes welled with tears as I prayed for God’s intervention – and yet we still prayed for God’s will. Those prayers can feel conflicting – and yet they’re both important to say.

We begged God for a miracle. And yet there Patrick laid – no movement, no life, and very little hope. Days passed and he showed minor signs of improvement, which is good. But the road is long and the journey is arduous.

Fast forward to just a handful of hours ago. I gathered again with Lindsey, her mom, Patrick’s brother, and Patrick’s best friend in the hotel room. I had been there a handful of times in the last couple of weeks, and everything was the same. That is – until this time.

Dan (Patrick’s brother) said to the nurse and to us, “I think his eyes are opening!” Sure enough, his eyes were half opened. He wasn’t immediately responsive, but we gathered around and again prayed. We gave glory to God for keeping Patrick alive and continuing to help him fight. We prayed and begged for another miracle – and as we prayed, I glanced at Patrick. He had a single tear roll out of his eye and rest on his nose. It was incredible! Where we found no hope – God provided hope. Where doubt reigned supreme – God showed His mercy. Where miracles seemed to happen in the movies and not in real life – we witnessed an honest to goodness miracle in that hospital room.

The journey is LONG. The pain is real. And yet God has provided a miracle with Patrick. And with so much more to go in the upcoming days, weeks, and months – we continue to pray for a miracle.

So don’t give up hope. Whatever battle you’re fighting – don’t give up hope. God can and will do miracles. I witnessed it firsthand.

But maybe the word miracle isn’t so overused…because if God deserves all the glory, then there are miracles all around! Big miracles – small miracles – miracles we can be a part of – and miracles that are given from God. To God be the glory!

Erik Hatch

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