Erik Hatch is an entrepreneur, public speaker, do-gooder, social media expert, and leader extraordinaire. Erik owns 18 companies that are built for the empowerment of those team members. His largest ventures include Hatch Realty, Hatch Coaching, & Abovo. 

The Erik Hatch Team of Hatch Realty has gone on to rank as the #49 real estate team in the United States. Erik is said to have the Midas touch - everything he touches turns to gold. Additionally, Erik has helped to build 2 different non-profit movements in the last decade that have helped to raise over 2.75 million dollars.

Erik is bad at golf, great at eating bacon, and wonderful at losing his hair. His purpose in life is to be a chapter in as many people's books as possible.

"I have been able to interact and experience all that is Erik Hatch across many different platforms.  Whether it's listening to him speak, engaging in a cup of coffee, chuckling over his social media humor, admiring his marketing engagement messaging, following in his sales and retention methods or just capturing his energy, I can only explain this person as one of a kind and inspiring.  I have met many dynamic people that share some of these attributes and successes, but not many that share his genuine service-orientated core value.   At first impression, most would think "gimmick" but I can attest that everything Hatch does, and is about, there is a divine goal to help others succeed in life and business.  Absorb and cherish what Hatch has to say because it comes from the heart, oh and by the way it's always fun and full of bacon!"

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