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Team-Building Retreats

Inspire. Build. Challenge.

Erik can keynote, coach, and rally together a team in a variety of ways.
Below are a few of his Talk Titles that your organization or upcoming event
may be interested in.
Be Remarkable

A deep dive into marketing, standing out through the noise, and creating a brand that's memorable. This is applicable for both individuals and businesses. If you're looking to have more engagement and a predictable stream of business that comes from your centers of influence - these strategies and examples will pave the way! Mind-share leads to market-share.

Leading From The Middle

Let's face it - most aren't at the top of the food chain - and yet this is where influence is the most vital. Well laid out steps and action plans are delivered in this upbeat, engaging message. 

Play for the Person Next to You: A Journey of Servant Leadership

The journey to becoming a champion is best accomplished through servant leadership. When your culture fully embraces taking care of one another as its primary concern, the sky's the limit for success. Funny, engaging, challenging, and actionable - all in one presentation.

Fail Your Way to Success

Erik has failed his whole life - which is exactly why he's successful. It take a little bit of crazy and a lot of discipline to become the best version of yourself - and failure is the only way to get there. Erik has insider information - having gone through the trenches plenty of times himself - to help you reach higher ground than you ever thought possible. Use this presentation to help get your group unstuck.

Strength Comes From Weakness: A Dive Into Vulnerable Leadership

Real community is formed when people have the audacity to own their own messes. Our co-workers and culture desperately want to find community and acceptance, and yet our natural stance is to put on our Sunday best and act like everything is alright. When we can break down the 'fake' facades, a foundation of trust is created. When people trust their environment, they get harder working, more loyal team members. This presentation is best for groups that are having a hard time connecting and trusting one another.

Build A Top Team From Scratch

There are over 1.4 million Realtors in the United States, and Erik's team has been one of the top 50 teams in the nation since 2016 in little ol' Fargo, ND. This entire team has been formed without a lick of real estate experience. An expert on hiring and creating champions, Erik will walk you through the HOW to help you fulfill your WHY. Walk away with a major 'to do' list!

Success Through Others

If you want to go fast, go alone. And if you want to go far, go together. Your most abundant and successful life awaits - and it comes by helping others to be their best selves so they can live lives they never thought possible. Zig Ziglar says you can have everything in life you want if you help enough others get what they want. And so Erik is deeply passionate about success through others as the secret to the greatest success - being a chapter in as many books as possible. This presentation is entertaining, energetic, and compelling!

Everything Is Easy Until People Get Involved

Most of our professions can be understood through terms and spreadsheets - and most of the people we deal with are completely baffling, confusing, and often times difficult. Understanding how to work with and connect among our peers is one of the secrets to success. If you can master people, you can master anything. This presentation will help build camaraderie and connection with immediate steps and nuggets of information.

Faith in the Workplace

We're all called to be disciples, and yet it's a challenge to figure out how to do that in the workplace. And the world doesn't need pastors just preaching from the pulpit. The world needs people like you and me to have our faith come alive and be God's hands and feet at our jobs! With decades of ministry experience and an unapologetic faith, Erik isn't shy about what makes him shine. *Erik can limit and soften the 'church' language while still keeping the fire of the message - you decide on the comfort level!*

I Can See Clearly Now

Having a clear, articulate vision through bold, actionable steps will lead to abundance and trust like you haven't experienced before! Erik can work with your group to help develop the road map that will help you reach unthinkable destinations! Motivation won't simply be enough - an actionable plan with the team helping to carry the load is the sure-fire way to succeed. The best fit here is to utilize Erik when major shifts and goals are presenting themselves.

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